this is a digital reflection of the habitats within the colorful brain of jazz rainbow sparklefur(aka me). before you may enter, however, a few warnings are nescessary:this is the PERSONAL artistic/aboutpage site of a sillyass older teen. with a BAD MOUTH and stuff. the site looks cute and therefore may be seen as young child friendly, but i just have a bright rainbow brain, doesn mean its a clean brain! it also has some other warnings too. warning for: swears, queer attraction/sex jokes/mild raunch, some artful nudity, some gore, bright colors, soft autoplay sometimes. HOWEVER!! there will be NO porn, unreclaimed slurs, flashing imagery, loud autoplay heavy gore.
site rated 14 and up

i have a 1920x1080 monitor, and im not sure if this site will be mobile friendly...prolly not always @_@ soo um keep that in mind, pc users try zooming out until it seems right.
my site is obvs anti-bigot, but its also not for creeps/predators who may see my generally cute and youth-made site as jerkoff material (yes, you count, "proships"). fuck off thx.

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