im Jazz Rainbow Angel Marysue Starlight Sparklefur...but you can just call me jazz. i use they/fur pronouns, and i was born in 2004. I prefer privacy, so you wont find many social media. I am timid but I've got a good heart. my sensitivity is both A good and a bad thing. I like to draw sparkly and psychedelic images. BUT HOW DOeS ONE ACCESS THE HEART OF JAZZ RAINBOW SPARKLEFUR...? well, see some stuff i like below. I probably don't wanna be your friend though. sorry

Audio 90s rave(happyhardcore,gabber,jungle dnb, acid, techno etc) 90s triphop, shibuya-kei, 90s grunge, 2000s pop, juke, shoegaze, breakcore/speedcore/j-core, reggae/ska, skapunk, thrash metal, hyperpop, sampledelia, ambient, MODtracker stuff
Video madness combat, mlp(all gens), early youtube vids (old furry, warriors spoofs, gmod, LPS series ppl make with their toys), invader zim animal documentaries, infochammel, web deep dives, vinesauce joel, jerma, homestuck, osamu tezuka(mostly just the animal movies/manga HAHA)
Food sushi, seafood in general, tacos, couscous, spicy pickles, salt n vinegar anything, toffee chocolate, peanut m&ms, flamin hot cheetos
Person Reggie
Games usually just watching gameplays/reading wiki, ill put a star by ones i ACTUALLY played lolol...gmod*, minecraft*, sandbox/simulator games*, undertale/deltarune*, pikmin, HYLICS, gta san adreas, half life, portal, watch dogs 2, rhythm heaven*, feralheart*, chao garden
Misc 90s/early 00s crust, outlandish fashion, fursuits, wolves, birds, kandi making, DJing, psychology(FUN FAKT: going to school for my bachelors in this rn), visuals making like amvs and stuff, LPS toys, ero guro