hi there! I am Jazz Rainbow Angel Marysue Starlight Sparklefur...but you can just call me jazz, sparklefur, or any other shorthand ^.^; *blushes* im a little shy *starts sweating blood*
but anyways, enough about me. JUST KIDDING HERES MORE ABOUT ME! i am a nostalgiamancer, anthro princess of a rainbow dimension, sparkledog keeper and studier, digital-dreamscaper, hippy raver, wolfaboo, marysue, etcetera... i use they/fur pronouns, and i was born 02/27/2004. I am an artist and I like to make adorably visceral, colorful, and psychedelic anthro art! I also like wildlife, and have worked with animals of all sorts for years as a wildlife rehabiltator, animal care technician, and probably tha most taxing of all......a cat owner. (jk i love her). I also like fungi. which r wildlife. point made, da earth is beautiful. i am majoring in psychology, and i am looking to become a LGBTQ-focused counselor, possibly art therapy. which like ya am very fucking lesbian and genderqueer. u had best bet i am proud. my strengths might be umm sensitive to others, CREATIVE, witty, and ive often been described as naturally warm amd comforting to be around. my WEAKNESSES might be oversensitive, insecure, and shy/picky. oh yeah and coconut fiber for some reason, it makes me itch. i probably dont wanna be friends with u sorry but im very partial to my friends and i kno a lot of ppl just wanna be friends with me for my art/outer image so u can GTFOH. but anyways ya idk what to put here just look around MWAH


Audio 90s rave(happyhardcore,gabber,jungle dnb, acid, techno etc) 90s triphop, shibuya-kei, 90s grunge, 2000s pop, juke, shoegaze, breakcore/speedcore/j-core, reggae/ska, skapunk, thrash metal, hyperpop, sampledelia, ambient, MODtracker stuff
Video madness combat, mlp(all gens), early youtube vids (old furry, warriors spoofs, gmod, LPS series ppl make with their toys), invader zim animal documentaries, infochammel, web deep dives, vinesauce joel, jerma, homestuck, osamu tezuka(mostly just the animal movies/manga HAHA)
Food sushi, seafood in general, tacos, couscous, spicy pickles, salt n vinegar anything, toffee chocolate, peanut m&ms, flamin hot cheetos
Person Reggie
Games usually just watching gameplays/reading wiki, ill put a star by ones i ACTUALLY played lolol...gmod*, minecraft*, sandbox/simulator games*, pikmin, HYLICS, gta san adreas, half life, portal, watch dogs 2, rhythm heaven*, feralheart*, chao garden
Misc 90s/early 00s crust, outlandish fashion, fursuits, wolves, birds, kandi making, DJing, psychology(majoring :3), visuals making like amvs and stuff, LPS toys