as you may have heard somewhere around here before, this site is my brainworld. A digital reflection of the parts of my cortex I wish to bear. A realm of bright colors, fun, nerdyness, and ME!!!!!


...well why does ANYONE create a personal site instead of using like wix or smth? you've heard it all before, but it bears repeating- I fuckin hate the late stage capitalist modern web!! i wanted a personal realm in which I could truly project my brain on, a place where I could express my full creativity and bright, artistic mind. sure, a wix would've been easier, but I wanted it to truly be mine, even if it's "bad". oh yeah, I really don't like cringe culture either, people who may bash on harmless things for being """bad""" just because they're dorky, amateur, etc. I want my site to also be an inspiration for others to let loose, I wish to be a sort of disciple of the word of the cringelord, in which they say embrace what those may call corny, dorky, childish or amateur. You can read my in-depth take on the harm of "cringe culture" here, if you want!


well. because it's free LOL. ok no honestly there's so much to expand upon there...neocities is fucking awesome, and is exactly what the internet needs. Neocities gives a new vessel to the spirit that remains of the dead Geocities. it provides every single net user with a chance to play with raw HTML, CSS, and Javascript only to the limit of it itself and your imagination, really. Neocities is the cool badass giant sword of the thousands of poor unique imaginative dorky users in the fight- aggressive or kind- against the ever-growing commodification, capitalization and creative limitation of the modern web.
so of course, all for free. and good free, too they don't plaster the place with ads and in-your-face bullshit premium- the way they stay supported is via donations which come with a supporter role with some perks that honestly just feel like actual perks and not withholding asinine information behind a paywall- oh did i mention its only FIVE BUCKS to get this stuff? Yeah needless to say, not being a supporter is still a positive experience, but being a supporter is something the community is willing to do happily, not out of force but out of gratefulness and love for the small neocities team.
Neocities is pretty fuckin awesome, and a beacon of hope in the hell that is the modern net.